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Commercial Interiors

The human mind has evolved to equate aesthetics and balanced design with a variety of emotions including comfort, happiness, calmness, confidence and trust. It is thus no surprise that modern interiors are influenced by Western styles as much as Eastern aesthetics.

With rapid commercialization and the internet connecting people, it has become necessary to stay updated with design trends to come across as someone who is in sync with the times. The same applies to material placement, wall colors, flooring patterns and interior furniture.

A well balanced interior design of your office or commercial space defines your brand among clients, visitors and employees. As a global conglomerate, we at Aries Interiors & Architects understand the demands of a modern workforce and the expectations of the management in terms of style and budget.

Being an MNC ourselves, our in-house teams of architects, designers and engineers have vast practical experience in understanding commercial requirements. This has helped the team lead office interior projects across the globe with a high success rate. Importance is given to budget, space utilization, lighting, color combinations, furniture layout and other details, as much as to visual appeal. Specialized in the field of architecture, Interiors and planning, our team has the added advantage of staying updated on industry trends, with a keen interest to drive innovation in commercial interior works.

With a 100% track record in timely completion of projects, Aries Interiors & Architects offers all–inclusive interior design solutions as per pre-designed specifications or custom requirements. Thus saving time, money and human resources during the execution of every single project.

We also possess a wide network of integrated specialist sub-contractors, who strictly adhere to our estimate of material and manpower costing. These sub-contractors handle a variety of cutting edge solutions under the design and supervisor control of our expert team.

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